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"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

Toni Morrison


Want to write but lack the motivation? Maybe you don't know where to start and need a helping hand to get you going. 

Hire me and I will give you the tools to become a consistent writer, offer deadlines, text prompts and encouragements, and help you on your writing journey.

Laptop Writing

Story Coach /ˈstôrē kōCH/ [noun]: “someone who helps a writer create a powerful story that resonates with readers because its structure will be in the form that resonates with how the human brain connects to stories.”

Story coaching is NOT about making sure your grammar is correct—story coaching is about making sure your characters have true, human depth; your world building is engaging and consistent; your scenes have structure and are necessary for the furthering of conflict; and all the parts in between.

My clients and I work on big picture themes—concepts for each writer to consider: their storytelling, voice, clarity, plot, tension, etc.

But we also work on the micro issues that come up in the specifics of their own story: how to get a character from A to B. How to find a meaningful WHY for your villain. How to get characters out of sticky situations because you need them to end up in X.

To be concise: It’s my job to find holes and fill them.


To be wordy: I find discrepancies or inconsistencies in your story, help you find solutions, alternatives, or loopholes and make every aspect of your story engaging, powerful, and believable. You are able to chose one of THREE PLANS and then we meet on a monthly basis to discuss your work.

If you’re looking for the next step for you book, maybe a story coach is what you’ve been waiting for.


Have you ever wanted to start a book but didn't know where to start?

Whether through phone calls or meeting at a coffee shop, I would love to meet with you and help you get the story out of your head and onto paper (or a Word document). 

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This Storyboard service is broken up into three sections. In our first consultation 1) we get to know one another 2) we discuss your writing process and 3) you get the opportunity to word vomit the most basic ideas of your story.


After our meeting, I email you a Storyboard Booklet to help you flesh out the skeleton of your story. You have anywhere between 2-4 weeks to work through it.


We schedule our second meeting, and you send me your booklet 7 days before said meeting. During that time, we go over the booklet and discuss what does and doesn't work, what problems you faced, and what needs more fleshing out.


I then send you Storyboard Booklet Two and the same process is repeated.


In our third and final meeting, we will discuss your next steps, how to utilize the storyboards in your writing, how to make and maintain progress, and if story coaching is possibly a next step for you. 


Good copy and blogs are essential for a website's SEO. If you're not skilled in this area but understand it's importance, I'm your answer. Hire me to write for your website. I can write blogs, site copy, sales pages, white papers, ad copy, emails and more.

Open Notebook

Just starting out your business? My serivces are perfect for you. I want to help you discover your brand, how to market it well, and above all, I want you to love the visual representation of the business you've worked so hard to start!



Merlin Plan
Dumbledore Plan
Gandalf Plan
Gourmet Breakfast
Spa Package
Private Pool

Monthly Session

A 60-90 minutes meeting where we discuss aspects of your project or writing process in which you need assistance: i.e. plotting, character development, plot holes, disconnects, writing strategization, etc.

Generalized Story Edit

You send me your pages (up to 50) a week before our meeting so I can read through them and have exact feedback to offer.

Line by Line Story Edit

You send me your pages (up to 50) a week before our meeting so I can read through your story line by line and offer story edits. I will annotate obvious grammar mistakes, confusing sentence structures, and make detailed notes on parts of the story that are and are not working, etc.

Monthly Check-In

Two weeks after our meeting, I will reach out to see how you and your project is doing. This will give you an opportunity to assess where you are at in your project and process; I will offer encouagements and new strategies to try if needed. 

Weekly Check-In

Twice a week I reach out to see how you and your project are doing. I will text quotes, jokes, and encouragments to keep you in a positive head space as you continue on your writing journey. This is for writers who are looking for more community in a hobby that tends to be very lonely.

Coaching Plans
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