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"I cannot recommend Mountain Wordsmith highly

enough! I came to Courtney with a good idea. She’s helped me transform it into a great story with dimensional characters and compelling conflict. I’m so happy the all-knowing Instagram algorithm brought her into my life!



-Hannah Williams Godfrey




Let's be honest. This is about you.

This is about your book. Your speech. Your story.

You have something important to share and always knowing exactly how to do that is difficult. That's where I come in.


  • Have you always wanted to start a book and you have no idea where to start??

  • Have you started a book, but don't know how to get from where you are at currently to the "The End"?

  • Have you had a trilogy floating around in your head for years, but don't know how to work out the specifics of world-building and character depth and development?

Whether you're a brand new writer or a seasoned author, my storyboard and coaching services are perfect for you. Perfect, I say? Yes, I do. As the services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each writer individually, I meet you where you're at and help you along your journey towards your goals.


Or maybe...

  • Your sister just asked you to be her maid of honor and the pressure of making sure the audience both laughs and cries during your toast makes you vomit in your mouth a little bit.

  • You're putting together a conference and don't know how to put together numerous sessions.

  • You want to take speaking to the next level and you're looking for accountability.

I work with clients from every side of the spectrum and it's my passion to help you accomplish your dreams (even if that dream is you not looking like an idiot in front of all of your family and friends at your sister's wedding). Whether you're a hater of speeches in search of a quick fix, or a seasoned speaker in search of a second opinion, let me help you find your words.


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Welcome writers, one and all. This site is for you and your journey. Your process. Your tale. I started this business because I have a passion for helping writers get their stories out of the heads and down on paper (or Word Document OR Scrivener!). It is my goal to help you get your book from "Once upon a time" (or something more original) to The End and make your dream of a finished book a reality. Let's do this!

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Need a speech? If you hate speaking, but have been forced into one via a Maid of Honor Speech or Best Man Speech (or any other kind), I am here for you. Let me do the work. Let me make you sound great and look great. Let me help you deliver a speech that everyone will remember not because you were drunk or cringy, but because it was equal parts hilarious and sentimental. 

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Looking for something else? Oh, there are more services to be had, my friend. Check out one of these!​

What people say about Coaching services

Sunset in the Eastern Sierra mountains,

Hannah G.

I knew from our first conversation that working with Courtney would make a clear difference in my writing life. Even with a creative writing degree, my story probably sounds familiar: I'd get an idea, write down the gist, get chapter one on paper, and then it would go where unfinished novels go to die. With Courtney's encouragement and the accountability of her partnership in this project, I am proud to say I have an almost completed first draft of my debut novel. Courtney genuinely celebrates my wins with me, validating all the good parts of my work, while also offering thoughtful and useful criticism, making the not-so-good stuff better. Courtney has helped me transition from writing short stories to tackling a trilogy, guiding me through developing layered characters and creating compelling plot and tension. She has taught me to approach troublesome spots from a new angle so that they never feel as overwhelming as they once did. As a fellow mom-writer, she's helped me to prioritize striking a balance between writing and all the other moving parts of my life. Every time I sit down to write, I thank the Instagram algorithms for bringing us together!

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What people say about Speaking services

Sunset in the Eastern Sierra mountains,

Stefan G.

Wedding vows are probably the most important and intimidating speeches that a person must produce at some point in their life.  Trying to get across how you truly feel about the person standing across from you on your wedding day can be daunting, to say the least.   I contacted Courtney from mountain wordsmith and she was very excited to help me. After several back and forth emails and phone calls, I had, what I felt, was the best set of wedding vows ever created.  Through the editing process, Cortney was very enthusiastic and had helpful suggestions that helped me articulate my thoughts and feelings toward my future wife. She took into account who I was personally and the vows didn’t sound forced or prewritten but instead, a true outflowing of my personality and happiness

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